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Cleopatra Dress ll

Cleopatra Dress

This print is making a come back. It has authority! Pure polyester, silky smooth and stretchy with capped sleaves. There are belt loops. One size fits all with plenty of room to play, up to 44″    $34.00DSC_0574 (1)DSC_0597

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Solstice Top

What a cool and comfortable summer top.

This crinkle rayon fabric is soft and great for travel.

It never needs ironing.

Smock stitching conveniently

Fit 3 sizes from a 24” to a 38″ bust.

It is a perfect gift for any size and can also be worn as a child’s dress!

Wow! what a fantastic fabric and print.


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Fiesta Dress

A super comfortable summer smock dress.

This textured crepe rayon material is soft to the touch and drapes beautifully.

The smock stitching conveniently fit 3 sizes from 24” to 40” bust.

This is the dress you need for that romantic vacation.

This crimp-textured crepe rayon fabric is easy to care for and never needs ironing.


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Cypress Dress

A simple and casual dress that drapes to just above the knee and is also available in full-length.

These beautiful colours and prints turn heads.

Light and comfortable rayon material that is easy to care for.

The smock stitching conveniently fits 3 sizes from 24” to 40” bust.

Slide it down a couple notches and it becomes a skirt!